Biblical Counseling

We are created in the image of our God and given dominion and honor in His name, but fallen from our original stature; fractured and in need of rescue. Biblical counseling involves understanding the problems of living in a fallen wold and working towards practical solutions from the perspective of Scripture. The Bible is used both to define the problem and to develop methods for solving them.

For more information about Biblical Counseling at First Baptist, contact Kristie Gamm or call our church office.

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Kristie Gamm, CBT

Kristie is a Certified Biblical Therapist who has finished her Bachelor’s degree in Ministry and will be pursuing her Masters degree in Biblical Counseling.  With over 2,500 hours of counseling and group therapy, she has a passion for expressing and seeing God’s redemptive love move into the broken areas of our lives. She recognizes God himself to be the true counselor (Psalm 32:8) and desires to lead people to a deeper understanding of Him while seeing ourselves and our struggles in light of His word. 

Kristie is the wife of her beloved husband and fellow traveler, Jeff Gamm.  Together they parent 6 children, 4 of which are adults and 2 teenagers and are the proud grandparents of their first grand-daughter. 

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