Biblical Counseling

FBC Lexington provides church-based, Christ-centered biblical counseling to individuals, couples, and families to help them know Jesus, or know him more deeply, and to help them find and apply God's answers for their personal and/or relational problems. 

What distinguishes biblical counseling

from other forms of counseling?

  1. We present Jesus Christ as the crucified, risen Lord and Savior who, through his Word and his Spirit, can help us handle our personal and relational problems. Jesus alone provides the forgiving mercy, the wisdom, and the power we need for daily living.
  2. We use the Bible as our main tool to identify, explain, and solve our problems. As God’s Word, the Bible provides thorough, authoritative, and sufficient guidance for every life situation we face, and it is richly superior to the competing counsel of secular or “christianized” psychologies.
  3. We seek to reflect the love, kindness, and compassion of Jesus our Shepherd and Counselor. Biblical counseling is a caring process marked by Christ-like love, wisdom, and concern.
  4. We seek to bring thorough and lasting godly change by addressing both the inward and the outward issues of our problems. Scripture alone goes deep enough to uncover and solve both our inward, heart struggles and our outward, behavioral struggles.

Who can receive biblical counseling?

We provide counseling as a free shepherding ministry to our FBC Lexington

members. We also provide counseling as an outreach ministry at no charge

to the members of our community.

What counseling topics do you help people with?








-Other Challenges

How do I make an appointment for counseling?

If you are interested in receiving counseling from FBC Lexington, click on the Our Counselors page. Here you will find more information about each counselor, and a link that will allow

you to email the counselor of your choice directly to schedule an appointment

and receive more detailed information.

Are your counselors licensed by the state of Texas?

Our counselors have received varying levels of education and certifications through accredited Christian counseling certification pathways. Our counselors do not provide any diagnosis or prescribe medication. The counselors are considered "lay counselors". Lay counselors are non-clergy members of the church that have been trained to provide biblical counsel. Lay biblical counselors are not licensed by the state of Texas. Lay biblical counselors are people that have a spiritual calling to care for others and volunteer their time to minister to others under the guidance of FBC Lexington's Soul Care ministry.