Youth at FBC Lexington

Here at First Baptist, we're passionate about seeing students engage in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Starting from 6th grade through 12th grade, we invite all students to learn what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. We seek to provide a safe and loving environment for our kids to get to know the gospel and the good news of Jesus. 

Summer with FBC Youth

Summer's at First Baptist go into high gear with our student ministry! Summer camp, mission trips, movie nights, plus Wednesday Night Youth and weekly Bible studies provide students plenty of opportunities to grow closer to God and with others. For a full calendar of youth events for Summer 2019, Click Here.

For Highland Lakes Summer Camp forms, CLICK HERE. All details are on the first page. As summer approaches, check back for more information on our summer schedule! 

Wednesday Night Youth

During the school year, students are encouraged to come grow in their faith through worship and small group Bible studies during our Wednesday Night Program. To attend, the Youth Rules and Registration form has to be submitted, CLICK HERE.


Doors open in the Youth Activity Center at 3:30 PM for students who want to come right after school to play basketball, nine-square, work on homework, or just hang out with their friends. Dinner starts at 6:15, worship at 7:00, then rolls right into Bible study and everything wraps up at 8:00. The youth divide into 4 groups, when going into Bible study: MS girls, MS boys, HS girls and HS boys.

Throughout the year, students can participate in activities outside of a regular Wednesday Night Youth. Please refer to the church's public calendar for those activities. If you need a permission slip, CLICK HERE!

For more information, please contact the First Baptist Church Office.